Sales Professionals - Have you been to Gear Up recently? We’ve recently re-launched the site – check it out! Some of my favorite things about the new Gear Up:

1. Easy Navigation – the new navigation is super friendly, super easy, and helps you see what content is on the site.

2. Sales Advisors – Single, downloadable pages to tell you why a customer would care about a product, why a reseller would care, version comparisons, licensing options, upgrade paths, target customers, and more for Microsoft products

3. SKU Lookup – Can’t find a product SKU? Look no further than Gear Up

4. eToolkit – The be-all, end-all overview of Microsoft products and solutions. This is a handy thing to download and keep on your machine when customers ask about products you might not be familiar with, or to review for help in remembering product specs, logical solution recommendations, and more.

5. The new Licensing page – explains licensing types, provides licensing tools, and more.

Do you utilize the sales resources on Gear Up? Let us know if there are specific resources you need for sales readiness or sales execution that you aren’t finding.