Another great resource to use in your quest for technical knowledge – the Thrive Community site is up and running. Some of my favorite features are the ability to search by your local area, as well as seeing the featured IT Pros each month. Check the site out – there is way more to discover.


The New Thrive Community Is Live

Connect with your peers, expand your network, and check out the events run by the community in your location. You'll also find IT job openings and information on advancing your career.

Get the Latest Tools and Resources for IT Professionals
Explore Windows Azure, Windows 7 deployment techniques, and how to build a virtual environment in Hyper-V version 2.0. TechNet Events always deliver the latest technical content and hands-on skills for IT professionals. Don't miss these complimentary, live learning sessions in your local area.

Explore Cloud Computing and Windows Azure
We're taking MSDN Events to new heights with a developer-focused overview of cloud computing and the Windows Azure platform. Learn to build amazing new applications, and explore data storage, SQL Azure, and deployment basics with Windows Azure. Sign up now for these free live session offers in your local area--including a complimentary USB drive filled with resources.

Train, Practice, and Certify on Windows 7
Anticipating the rapid adoption of Windows 7, Microsoft Learning introduced numerous training and certification resources and offers to help IT professionals and developers get up to speed quickly. Many of these resources, including certification upgrade paths, are now available on a single Web page.