Our friends over at MSDev.com have some great content – even better, it’s all free. Check out some of their latest learning opportunities:

Get Your Feet Wet on Windows Azure with Updated Content
Take the Windows Azure self-paced virtual lab and follow along with the instructor. You will become familiar with important components of the Windows Azure architecture, including Web Roles, Worker Roles and Windows Azure storage.

Why Windows Azure Animated Series
In this video series, a whiteboard is used to help illustrate why people should adopt Windows Azure. The series takes an interesting turn when the whiteboard’s personality emerges and it becomes a co-host. This series will introduce the concept of Cloud Computing, the development experience, moving existing applications to Windows Azure, how to use the ROI calculator and more. Check it out!

Windows 7 in 7 Minutes
Get to know Windows 7, 7 minutes at a time! In this series of short, code-focused videos you’ll see how to take advantage of the great new features in Windows 7. Each video is under seven minutes long, so you can check out a new video in less time than it takes to check your mail or grab your morning cup of coffee! View today!


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