Certified and Gold Certified Partners: Try this new tool to help demonstrate and calculate IT savings costs for your customers.

The $ave Money Calculator can help you discover and quantify opportunities to help your customers save budgeted “hard dollar” costs with Microsoft Unified Communications, Security, and Virtualization solutions.


• Build an ROI analysis in less than an hour to help you justify the investment in your services.

• Download the tool, resources, and 20-min. training on the Gear Up site under Tools – Product Tools - $ave Money Calculator

• ROI/Payback analysis available to justify investment in migration/training services

• Flexible to include additional solutions (i.e. Systems Management, Optimized Datacenter, Optimized Desktop, Collaboration, Business Intelligence)


Download the resources and 20-minute training here: $ave Money Calculator


What other types of sales resources do you need to support your conversations with customers? We’d love to have your feedback so we can deliver the resources you need.

Have a great weekend,

The Partner Training Team