We’ve talked recently about some new Exchange 2010 training in market and some incentives to learn more about Exchange, and wanted to follow that up with MORE new training. We’ve got a new labcast available for you to help understand the new capabilities and features of Exchange 2010.

As a reminder, the labcast format helps you to see the nuts and bolts of a product, but virtually from the comfort of your desk, and at the convenience of whenever you have time in your schedule.

If you’re interested in the full lineup of Exchange 2010 training available to you as a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, check out these packages over on the Learning Plan Tool:


You can also find the full lineup of Exchange 2010 partner resources and information on the Microsoft Partner Network portal. What other resources do you need to help support your Exchange 2010 efforts? Please let us know so we can provide them.

Have a great week!

The Partner Training Team