As we close down 2009, here are some interesting new courses to check out if the office is a little seasonally slow and you’ve got some extra time on your hands to learn something new:

Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) Administration and Deployment

This course provides students with skills necessary to quickly get an account up and running on BPOS, deploy the sign in tool and administer the services. Designed for IT Professionals, this class is insures that administrators know the core deployment scenarios for each service and includes domain name validation, creating users, accessing and managing each service. The course will cover:

· Subscribing to and Activating Microsoft Online Services

· Getting Started with the Microsoft Online Administration Center

· Accessing Business Productivity Online Services

· E-mail Migration and Active Directory Coexistence

· Exchange Online Administration and Capabilities

· Managing and Using Microsoft SharePoint Online

· Administering Microsoft Office Communications Online

· Administering Office Live Meeting Standard

Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) Migration and Onboarding Deep Dive

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to identify key technical issues needed to move an organization to Microsoft Online Services, including:

· Detailed walkthrough of pre-sales discovery and activity

· Best practices for a trial account

· Domain name configuration

· SharePoint, and Exchange discovery questions

· Single Sign on tool deployment and workstation preparation

· Deep dive into directory synchronization and migration

· Capacities and limitations of migration tools

· Using powershell commands to troubleshoot migration

· 3rd party migration scenarios