Introducing SharePoint 2010 - the business collaboration platform for the Enterprise and the Web. SharePoint 2010 enables organizations to connect and empower people. Building products on a platform is a proven way to maximize the capabilities that you and your team can deliver to customers while maximizing your investment in development. Ready to get your hands dirty and attend some SharePoint 2010 training? Here are 2 series of in-person events – 1 for developers, and 1 for IT Pros.

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Developer SharePoint 2010 Ignite Training

IT Pro SharePoint 2010 Ignite Training


Have you downloaded the beta yet? Check out the full details of SharePoint 2010 on the Microsoft Partner Network site. Also, remember that you can brush up on SharePoint 2007 on the Learning Plan Tool.


Have you downloaded the 2010 beta yet? What are your first thoughts?

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