Have you visited the Gear Up site lately? There are some incredible FREE resources out there for anyone in the sales business. Here are some of the tools you can utilize to increase your sales, find the best license scenario for your customers, and more:


1. Gear Up eToolkit: the Microsoft encyclopedia. The eToolkit gives an outline of all our products, licensing, and programs to serve as a handy, high-level resource for you.

2. Gear Up Sales Advisors: Use the Sales Advisors to get to the heart of what you need to know as a sales professional. Single, downloadable pages that tell you why customers should care about certain products, version comparisons, target customer criteria, licensing requirements and upgrade paths, and more. Here are some of our most popular products: Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, Windows 7, Hyper-V, SharePoint

3.  LicenseWise: Licensing a little confusing? Let LicenseWise help. Create new quotes, reference existing quotes, and find the best licensing scenario for your customer.


There are so many more great resources within Gear Up, so be sure to take some time to explore the site.

What is your favorite resource within Gear Up? Do you have any other sales resources to share?


Enjoy and have a great weekend!

The Partner Training Team