We hope you’re familiar with our Microsoft Partnercast site, which provides you with quick learning “snacks” – short, to the point training modules that allow you to learn quickly and while on the go. We’re excited to announce today that we’ve relaunched our site with a new look and new capabilities to enhance your learning experience, and if you go out and subscribe to 5 product or competency specific RSS feeds, you could win a shiny new Windows Mobile Palm Treo Pro


I’m partial to several features and wanted to call those out for you – make sure to check them out:

1. The new interface: It gives you a better browsing experience and you can see screenshots of the partnercasts before you watch/listen to them.image

2. The RSS subscription: Ok, so this is a basic feature and concept that we’ve had since the original site, but I still love the ability to sign up for certain products that I care about and have them delivered straight to my RSS reader. My preference is using the RSS functionality inside of Outlooks so that everything I need to read is right in my Inbox (at right) and I can integrate learning into my daily routine.

3.  Smartphone access: I’m one of those people who is 100% dependable on my mobile device, so this is a big one. The mobile friendly site is great for when you’ve got some spare time but don’t want to pull out your full laptop setup – at the airport, waiting for your oil change, etc.

Snapshot of the mobile site: