There are millions of websites and Twitter feeds and newsletters and such out there - we're all on communication overload these days. To cut through the clutter, we wanted to remind you of all the ways to stay connected to training opportunities. We have several different channels available for you to get the info you need, and our hope is that you'll pick the one that best suits your preferences.


1. The Learning Curve: Our bi-monthly newsletter. If you are a Microsoft Partner, you should automatically receive this. If you're a Partner but NOT receiving it, you'll need to do 2 things - associate your Windows Live ID to your employer's MPN ID, and/or update your communication preferences.

2. MPN Training & Events Page: Our springboard for everything training and certification related. Bookmark this page!

3. The Learning Plan Tool is our ultimate training resource and should always be your first stop when you're looking for training. You can find training by role, exam, product, and more.

4. This is your source for quick, on-the-go learning snacks. Subscribe via RSS in order to have your preferred partnercasts delivered straight to your RSS reader.

5. Twitter: We talked about this last week, but we’re on Twitter! Come chat - @MSLearningCurve.

6. This blog: subscribe to our blog to have it delivered via RSS to your inbox or RSS reader.


This looks like a lot, and it is, but the goal is that it gives you a choice for how to communicate. Whichever channel you prefer should keep you in the loop about training promotions, certification updates, etc. We’ll let you know when you can win stuff, when we’re coming to town, and more.



The Partner Training Team