This is a great read from TechNet Magazine’s August edition via our friends over at Microsoft Learning. Greg Shields, MVP and partner at Concentrated Technology helps you navigate certification and why it’s so important (by the way, we think it’s important too!).


Some tidbits to highlight:

“By passing Microsoft's series of exams, you prove to yourself, your employer and your peers that you deeply understand the underlying technology in your Windows environment. You also prove that you understand the job role that's been assigned to you as an IT professional.”

“At the same time, however, a challenging economy provides the perfect opportunity to validate to your employer—or possible future employers—that you know the right stuff to do your job.”

We couldn’t agree more – certification is a badge of honor and knowledge for you AND also a bonus to your employer – they know that you’re the best at your job. And if your employer happens to be a Microsoft Partner, it’s a win win – on top of having a certified employee, they’re one step closer to achieving a Microsoft Partner Program competency. View how exams map to certifications, and how certifications map to competencies at our Exam Map.

Greg also mentions the MCM program, which we discussed several weeks back on our blog – check out our post here.

“For deeply experienced individuals in search of "extreme" levels of skills validation, Microsoft provides its Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) program. The MCM is designed to reflect individuals with skills and experience at a sort of "super-MCTS" level.”

Overall, great high-level view of Microsoft Certification. If you have further questions about it, please leave us a comment below. We’ve got folks on the team who know certifications, exams, competencies, etc. through and through and we’d love to help you reach the next step in your career path.



The Partner Learning Team