Thank you everyone for your candid feedback around what you need in regards to training and why you get trained. I wanted to make sure everyone is familiar with the Learning Plan Tool – This is THE resource for training if you’re a Microsoft partner in the US. My favorite feature of this tool is that you can search for EXACTLY the training you need – by product, by exam, by competency or specialization, by role, and we’ve even got business skills and licensing training for the sales and marketing folks in your organization.

For example – many of you said you were looking for comprehensive .NET training – if you search within the Learning Plan Tool, you’ll find THIS long list of training specific to .NET.

Another example – several of you were looking for CRM training, both sales and technical. If you search by product on CRM, we’ve got multiple training packages available by role and more - if these don’t meet your needs, you can create your own!


Have you used the Learning Plan Tool? Was all the training there that you needed, or do you need additional training on a specific subject? Let us know – we’d love to help.


The Partner Training Team