We were talking with the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) team the other day and realized it’s been a while since we’ve talked with all of you about it. We know that the MCM isn’t a program for everyone – it’s as exclusive as the as the name suggests – but small and medium businesses that have an MCM on staff are truly set apart from their competition and have received Microsoft’s best training, not just from subject matter experts but from actual Masters themselves. So, how do you know if anyone on your team could be considered for such a credential? You can visit the MCM page at Microsoft Learning to investigate more, but for starters, MCMs  are seasoned and specialized. They are IT professionals who are experts on one of the five technologies. 

· Microsoft Certified Master: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

· Microsoft Certified Master: Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

· Microsoft Certified Master: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

· Microsoft Certified Master: Microsoft SQL Server 2008

· Microsoft Certified Master: Windows Server 2008: Directory

Like we mentioned before, entering the MCM program means receiving some of the best training Microsoft has to offer, which comes at a price. Fortunately there’s a special offer going on now that will take 20% off your fee on training taken between now and January 1, 2010. Learn more about this discount and lots of other great MCM info at The Master Blog.

Are you thinking about becoming a Master? What has having a Master on staff done for your business?