Here’s a typical scenario this time of year. The in-person learning schedule is winding down for the summer, but partners have a touch of free time on their hands and think it would be a good time to take some training. What’s the next best option to the intensive in-person events? The Labcast. Labcasts offer a way to get trained by taking the detail of a live, instructor-led event, and turning it into an online, on-demand experience. You can start and stop your Labcast training at any time, making it easy to learn when it fits into your day. And all the training content is FREE.

Here are some of the Labcasts available to partners now. Let us know how you like this training format!

MOSS Enterprise Search Advanced Training

Unified Communications LabFest (Exchange and OCS)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Scripting Labcasts

Windows Vista

Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server

Windows Small Business Server

XAML for Designers: XAML, WPF and Silverlight for Professional Designers

• Windows 7 – Coming Soon!