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You Learn, We Learn Blog Challenge

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By now you probably know that we’re in the learning business. While most of the time you get to hear from us about learning opportunities, we’d love a chance to learn from you. Tell about the training that is working for your business. What training has been helpful for your team? What kind of training are you lacking? What motivates you to take training? Blog your thoughts in exchange for a free exam voucher!

Be one of the first 45 partners to:

1. Post a comment or brand-new post on the Partner Learning Blog answering one of the three questions above.

2. Email us at psdcerts@microsoft.com to confirm that you posted.

We’ll then send you an email containing a link and a code to request a voucher*, good toward 100% off any Microsoft Certification exam. The not-so-fine print is below – bummer for pre-set font size.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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*Offer is available to the first 45 individuals who are employees of Microsoft Registered, Certified and Gold Certified Partners that are actively enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Program, who write a comment or original post on the US Partner Learning Blog that answers one of the three questions listed above and email psdcerts@microsoft.com to confirm your eligibility. The first 45 individuals who complete those actions will receive an email from the US Partner Skills Development team within 48 hours containing a URL and code to request a voucher for their company. To be eligible you must be a legal resident of the 50 United States (including District of Columbia). Limit one voucher per person, while supplies last. This offer is non-transferable, not redeemable for cash and begins June 10, 2009 and expires June 24, 2009. Government employees: Microsoft is committed to complying with government gift and ethics rules, and therefore government employees are not eligible for this offer.

  • Provide the Partner Learning Team some feedback and get a free exam voucher.    Details are

  • Check out the US Partner Learning Blog post on the You Learn, We Learn Blog Challenge $100.00 Training

  • By now you probably know that we’re in the learning business. While most of the time you get to hear from us about learning opportunities, we’d love a chance to learn from you. Tell about the training that is working for your business. What training has been helpful for your team? What kind of training are you lacking? What motivates you to take training? Blog your thoughts in exchange for a free exam voucher!

    For most of our Team the motivation stems from staying abreast of new products we are implementing for clients.  We find some techs just have a deeper interest in being proactive about fine tuning their skills.  Personally, as one of the key decision drivers of the organization I find it critical to train on new products sooner rather than later.  The bulk of my training is through hands on test environments, virtual machines, web resources, and self study books.  Classroom training is great but we find it difficult to maintain the budget needed to send all our techs at our current point in business so we take advantage of discounted or free partner events whenever we can.

  • ILT is the most effective type of training for me and my team!

  • We are making a move to CRM from a custom platform.  Some of the most useful training has been the certification books for pertinent technologies and the Programming MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 book. The internet has also been very useful for filling in any gaps or finding working code examples for exactly what we are trying to do.  There seems to be very little available in terms of comprehensive custom CRM programming references.  We are not planning on using the "sales" functiionality of the system, so much of it will be custom work.

  • I really enjoy the ITL in regard to to helping us stay on top of the current and NEW technology such as windows7!  I've been playing with WIN7 since beta... and I can say with confidence that there is light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a TRAIN!!

    I am an IT Consultant and have been able to spread around the good word of Win7 thanks to all the training and opportunities to test WIN7 from Technet!!  MS ROCKS!!

  • What motivates me to take training?  

    One of the things I enjoy is knowing something that others don't and then having the ability to teach them.  I am constantly looking for self improvement but the challenge for me is tying in all the training so my effort results in the most knowledge.

    The other thing that motivates me to take training is the requirement from my manager for continuous self improvement so I can add value in my daily work.

  • For me, training is the best way to ensure that I am on the very top of my game.  I stake my reputation on the knowledge and skills that I glean from training and the training that I can give to others.  I also feel a great sense of accomplishment when I complete a training course.

    I also just like to learn!

  • What motivates me? I want to learn and not be left  behind! Technology changes so fast, I have to continue my learning daily to keep up with that change.  Our company is moving toward the CRM platform and I have to learn this to move forward professionally.

  • Training from Microsoft has been like trying to drink from a fire hose!  Lots of great material but almost too much to digest.  That may be my personal problem in that I like to know about EVERYTHING.  

    I find it best to have a breadth of knowledge so I can bring knowledge / solutions to my clients.  I'm their trusted source of IT information.  Knowing a little about ALL of the Microsoft products helps me shape solutions and offer advice.

    I also enjoy and NEED to know more detailed information.  It depends on whether I'm wearing the "solutions" hat or the "technician" hat...and many days I wear BOTH.

    I'm motivated by the need to know and have answers to ANY question that comes my way.

  • Our organization is in the process of converting from a  proprietary legacy system to a CRM-based system, and training is extremely important in making that shift as painless as possible. My motivation for training is twofold: As a developer I have a personal desire to hone and enhance my skills, and as an employee it's my responsibility to be current on technologies we use.

    The most useful training for myself and my team has been learning together as a group. Being in a group setting increases the overall pool of knowledge that we can share, and it helps keep everyone motivated towards the same goal.

  • What motivates me to take training?

    Staying current and relavent is critical in our industry.  Learning new things and seeing the different technologies available gives me the ability to apply them to our business solutions.  This translates to world class software for our users, which I can be proud of to deploy.

  • My motivation is never higher than when I need to participate in training in order to begin operating with new software or a new language.  The most helpful environment for learning is usually gained when it is done in personal study in conjunction with my peers / teammates.  This allows solid collaboration and the best / most useful ideas seem to percolate to the top.

    With this 'forum' environment, it seems more likely that important facts are not missed and it provides an environment for examples to be shared where something became relevant for someone or a pitfall was avoided.  All could be extremely useful.

  • Thanks everyone for your feedback, and keep it coming! This is an enormous help for us to have anecdotal feedback from partners so we can improve our offerings.

    jroe: If you’re a decision maker in your company, check out www.microsoftlearningplans.com if you haven’t already – you can build out exactly what you want your employees to train on  - very cool tool! Glad to hear the resources that you prefer for learning, and we’ll be sure to keep offering virtual learning offerings for you and your team.

    rhinze: great to know! We’re glad you value that vehicle, and we’ve got some great ILT series coming up in the next couple months for you all.

    mattjhammond: Will pass your feedback along to the Dynamics team re. needing additional comprehensive custom CRM programming references/training – thanks for that feedback.

    jedicary: SO glad you love Win7! We do too!

    ostjeff: Your breadth of knowledge is helping you be that trusted advisor? That rocks!

    tdc: Interesting comment re. learning together as a group  and food for thought as we think about how to evolve our training offerings…thanks!

  • Like some of the previous posters, my organization is also in a transition process and migrating to the latest Microsoft Technologies.  My familiarity with Java, Eclipse, and Netbeans has made the transition to .NET and Visual Studio much smoother than it could have been.  I wanted to raise up that there are some finer points in the .NET framework that I wish existed in Java, such as definable structures.  The organization of the classes in the .NET framework and the workings of assemblies, etc. have been my own personal challenges to overcome, but overall the learning that I am going through is a great experience.

    A big motivation for me is the opportunity to learn such a well-crafted framework (.NET) and the vision that Microsoft has for software engineering.


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