Did you know that if you or your coworkers haven’t associated your email addresses to your organization’s Microsoft Partner Program membership, you’re missing out on tons of free resources and benefits? You can view a comprehensive list of those items here, but let us tell you about one benefit we are particularly excited about. Training! (shocking, isn’t it?)

As a benefit of MSPP membership you have access to thousands of free and deeply discounted trainings and a subscription to The Learning Curve, our twice-monthly training newsletter that gives you top recommended training picks by product and other updates on training resources. If you or your buddy in the cubical next to you haven’t yet associated, take a minute to visit the Partner Membership Center and do so this week. After all, it’s almost summer, which is a great time to learn something new or freshen up your current skills.

Let us know if you’re getting your co-workers on board! Seriously, please do…we get excited over this stuff.


The Partner Learning Team