We’ve been talking about Windows 7 for the past couple weeks, but this is the first opportunity we’ve had for you to really dig deep into the technical side of things – check out this Windows 7 partner technical training for small and medium sized businesses. This training is one of our HOLO courses (Hands-on Lab Online) – what’s great about it is that you get the benefit of a hands- on lab, all from the comfort of your desk and the convenience of your schedule.

If you’re interested in additional technical training, we’ve got several more options for you here, including a 3-part webcast series on technical training for the SMB space.

Are you running the RC of Windows 7 yet? What has your experience been like?

And just for fun, the latest installment of the “Laptop Hunters” commercials…

Laptop Hunters: Lauren and Sue
Laptop Hunters: Lauren and Sue

The US Partner Learning Team