We’re sure you’ve heard the buzz – Windows 7 RC is now available for download. Ready to get familiar with this new operating system? Below are brief, hand-picked trainings from the Partner Learning Team to help you ramp up. Let us know how you like them. 

Download Details

If you have a subscription to MSDN or TechNet, you can download Windows 7 RC now. Otherwise, you can download Windows 7 RC starting May 5, 2009. Visit the Windows 7 page of the partner portal to download Windows 7 RC and learn about the product’s features, resources and benefits.

Featured Training

Partnercast: Windows 7 in 7 Minutes -- Enterprise Demo (Sales, 7 minutes)

Partnercast: The Road to Windows 7 (Sales, 8 minutes)

Partnercast: Helping Customers Navigate Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Sales, 14 minutes)

Partnercast: Windows 7 - Navigation improvements, DirectAccess™, BranchCache™, and Search (Sales, 25 minutes)

Preview Windows 7 and Increase Windows Sales today (Sales, 1 hour)

Values of Windows 7 Professional + Virtual Windows XP for Partners (May 18, 1 hour)

See our course listings for additional Windows 7 sales and technical training.