Deb mentioned in the April 13 issue of The Learning Curve that we continually try to improve our training options based on attendee feedback, so we thought we’d follow her note up with some things you and your peers have said about our trainings and what we’ve done about it. First off, we were thrilled to hear that in recent survey of live event attendees, 96% of you found the training you had just completed to be a valuable source of professional skill building. We hope you will always find this to be the case, but do let us know how we can continue to make training that helps you be successful on the job. We also wanted to share with you a couple training changes that were directly influenced by attendee suggestions this past year:

1. You told us you wanted to have access to more business readiness training, so we created business readiness learning packages in the Learning Plan Tool and gave them their own search filter so you can view targeted training on topics like sales, marketing and project management skills.

2. You told us that sometimes it’s hard to take time away for the in-person learning events but would love to still get the level of detail in those types of training. Because of that we created a new modality this last year called the Labcast, which takes the multiple-module structure of an instructor-led event and turns it into an online, on-demand experience. View available Labcasts on products like SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2008 and Silverlight.

Again, we take your feedback seriously and hope you’ll keep it coming so we can make taking training easy and worth your while.


The Partner Training Team