Hey Partners!

On the fence about going to WPC this year, time to jump off and register!  Here are the things that I love about WPC. 

  1. Connections.  I love getting to sit down with partners, I don't always get a chance to connect 1:1 - and this is my opportunity to meet the folks that drive the business.  I learn so much from all of you at WPC.
  2. Keynotes-  Seriously, what's more exciting that seeing Steve B on stage? I dare you to name anyone that is more jazzed up talking technology at 8 in the morning..
  3. Sessions-  There are so many it's hard to decided, but you can hear from product managers, developers, industry experts- it's like a semester of college in 4 days time.
  4. Parties-  Hey, I'm a small town kid from Wisconisn- I love a beer and hanging out with good friends.  The parties at WPC are great- and the US team is having one at the Newseum that looks to be a blast!
  5. DC-  Talk about a city that has everything to offer.  Piggyback a vacation onto the trip, so much to see, so much to do... you can't loose.

Now- go register!!! 

Good Selling!