I've had a few people in the last hour point out this helpful post for partners, I thought I'd pass it along..


It leads you to more BPOS Resources and one partner raved about these:

  • The BPOSitive blog at http://blogs.technet.com/bpositive/. This blog is written by Brett Hill, a technical evangelist on the BPOS product team, and I saw a note there that new technical training, including a deeper dive on Exchange and SharePoint online, will be posted later this month.
  • The Microsoft Online Services Team Blog at http://blogs.technet.com/msonline/default.aspx. It also lists new training, and gives you information on how to send them e-mail (they have a “community mailbox” at bposcom@microsoft.com) or follow them on Twitter (http://twitter.com/msonline).
  • The new Resource Wiki on the Quickstart for Online Services at https://www.quickstartonlineservices.com/partner/resource/Pages/Wiki.aspx. It’s currently in beta, but it looks promising, and you can ask questions or give feedback about the Wiki—there’s a contact e-mail right on the page.
  • Good Selling!