Microsoft launches Community Connections – Connecting Partners, customers, and organizations with Windows 7

Community Connections is an offer that brings together local Microsoft Partners with Local Business Community Organizations (LBCO), such as a Chamber of Commerce, to help them get access to Windows 7 and services from local Microsoft Partners to assist them do their Windows 7 installations. Community Connections provides:

  • Two (2) free copies of Windows 7 for the LBCO
  • $150 services voucher to be applied to the installation of Windows at the LBCO by a local Microsoft Partner
  • Assistance from the Microsoft Local Engagement Team to conduct live Windows 7 events with local Microsoft Partners – event materials, product offers, and funding
  • $150 services voucher to be applied to the installation of Windows 7 at the customer’s location by a local Microsoft Partner

So what exactly is a Local Business Community Organization (LBCO)?

  • Eligible organizations: Non-profit 501(c) 3’s, 4’s, and 6’s: Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, Business Leagues, and Diversity organizations
  • Non-eligible organizations: Government funded agencies, schools, non-business community organizations

In essence, the way Community Connections works is:

An LBCO signs up for Community Connections and chooses a local Microsoft Partner to work with. The LBCO receives two (2) copies of Windows 7 and a $150 services voucher. The LBCO uses the $150 services voucher with the local Microsoft Partner to help pay for the installation of the Windows 7 software they received. The LBCO and local Microsoft Partner then host an event for local businesses about Windows 7 using resources provided by the Microsoft Local Engagement Team. Businesses who attend the event and purchase qualifying Windows 7 upgrades through Volume Licensing afterwards can then register to receive a $150 services voucher to use with the local Microsoft Partner to help pay for their Windows 7 installation.

Ready to find out more? Microsoft Partners should head out to the Microsoft Local Engagement Toolkit page , view the recorded session (#1) and encourage LBCO’s in your area to view the Live Meeting from November 23rd (#2). Then connect with your LBCO’s and have them register to participate in Microsoft Community Connections (#3).

This offer is a limited-time offer, so be sure to get out to the Microsoft Local Engagement Toolkit page and get started with the Community Connections program today.  Community Connections, another way Microsoft is investing in our Partners to help you be successful. 


Microsoft Community Connections Help Desk

Local Engagement US Coverage Map


Midwest < IL, IN, WI >:     

Tracye Foy


North Central < MN, KS, MO, ND, SD, IA, NE >:    

John LaLonde


South Central <  TX, LA, AK, OK >:     

Michael Murphy "Murph"


Heartland <MI, OH, KY, TN >    

Carl Preston