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  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer 7 is launched

    The world's most popular browser just got better. Internet Explorer 7 was released just hours ago. You can get it from .
  • Blog Post: Windows Live OneCare beta - free to 18 countries

    Hurrah! At last, Windows Live OneCare 1.5 is now available for free download in 18 countries around the globe. Despite having a dangerous name for anyone with lazy pronunciation, OneCare is finally out of the blocks on its journey towards global availability. What is it? "All-in-one PC care for people...
  • Blog Post: Windows Media Player 11 Beta is out

    If you use your computer to store or listen to music you're going to love the new Windows Media Player 11 Beta that was released in the last few hours. Searching through my music collection using album art instead of text transforms the experience and the integration with online music stores is very...
  • Blog Post: Screen capture the easy way

    I'm often asked what tools I use to make screengrabs to include in my blog. I used to use the Snipping Tool which is part of the Tablet PC Experience Pack for Windows XP . So you can imagine my disappointment when, after upgrading to Windows Vista, I discovered that the Experience Pack would not install...
  • Blog Post: The End: this blog leaps over to Windows Live Spaces

    I've decided to move my blog to a new home on Windows Live Spaces. I hope you'll move with me. My new blog URL is . To subscribe to the new RSS feed, simply click this link: . Thanks for being with...
  • Blog Post: Brainfart with Vista

    By our standards it's quite subtle, but there's no doubting that Windows Vista is behind this new site at . If you don't know Demitri Martin (i.e. you are one of the 95% of human beings living outside of the USA) you may not recognise the voice. But you may still enjoy...
  • Blog Post: Windows Media Player 11 - final release at last

    Way back in May we released the Beta of Windows Media Player 11. Finally, after exhaustive testing and refinement, we released the final build earlier this week. You can download it now, for free, from here . If you're running Windows XP and have ears, this is a must-have application.
  • Blog Post: Windows Vista RTMs!

    Jim Allchin has just announced to the world's press that Windows Vista is now complete and has been released to manufacturing. Let the fun begin! More details here .