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More on email signatures

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One other top tip that comes to mind for those of you who use Forms in conjunction with a Signature in emails. You may have noticed that Outlook moronically puts your email signature at the top of the form's content when you create a new email using Tools > Forms > Choose Forms. Of course, the whole point of a signature is that it goes at the end of your email. I haven't yet found a simple fix to this but one workaround is to stop using Forms and simply create new signatures that contain everything you would previously have put into your form. This does make for some pretty lengthy signatures but it does get around the crazy way Outlook puts your signature above the email contents provided by a form. So now, instead of choosing a form, you just choose a signature. Works for me!

  • Yet another area best solved with a 3rd party tool.

  • Placing a 'signature'at the top is beneficial. As a lawyer, I usually put a confidentiality notice at the beginning of e-mails.
    That is the most logical place to put the notice - before the wrong recipient reads the entire e-mail.