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  • Blog Post: What Schools in Burkina Faso, Senegal & Mali Can Teach UP

    A year ago, the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Group in the Middle East & Africa started a series of pilots in Francophone West Africa, to introduce small-notebook PCs into schools in Burkina Faso, Senegal and Mali. Each pilot used Microsoft software running on 50 low-cost, low energy-consumption...
  • Blog Post: A visit to Cafemax

    The highlight of our first day on tour in Central and Eastern Europe was a visit to Cafemax iCafes in Moscow. I’ve seen many iCafes but this one struck me as leading edge. Why? Variety. The Cafemax chain understands what their customers want and they know how to maximize their opportunities. They...
  • Blog Post: Mission Moscow

    All eyes are on Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) this week as Michael Rawding and a handful of his Unlimited Potential team members tour the region. We’re heading out this morning to check in on Moscow-based iCafe partner Cafémax and will also catch up with the Russian Imagine Cup teams later today....