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  • Blog Post: MultiPoint won’t stop them preferring football to Maths, but it might help develop their learning ability

    This article from IDG’s PC World site about some of the challenges to teaching in Thailand, and technologies to help overcome them, was interesting and had a humorous ending. A reporter came to visit one of the schools where we are trialling Microsoft Multipoint, and the children and teachers really...
  • Blog Post: U.S. Imagine Cup Winners - Team MultiPoint Web

    After three days of intense competition from technology students across the country, the winner of the U.S. software design finalist for this year’s Imagine Cup was announced today. Congratulations to Team MultiPoint Web ! Jimmy, Mark and Luke Dickinson, three brothers from Oregon attending Georgia State...
  • Blog Post: Imagine Cup Students Travel to Redmond

    Last week, students participating in the Imagine Cup traveled to Microsoft’s Redmond campus to meet with various Microsoft teams as they prepare for the 2009 Worldwide Finals in Cairo, Egypt. Team SKAN from India and Team MultiPoint WEB from the U.S. used the opportunity to network with developers and...