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  • The Evolution of Unified Communications to Software

    Software is becomming the platform of choice for Unified Communications. PBX's are transforming from proprietary silod platforms to software application running on servers. The big players in this space are Micrososft, IBM and Cisco (in addition the the...
  • Video Conferencing - The good, the bad, the ugly

    Working for MSFT in the Live Meeting group (web conferencing) I spend alot of time discussing Video Conferencing with customers. The more I use video conferencing the more I start to question the value of this technology when applying to meetings. I can...
  • IP Convergence

    Seems like everybody is trying to ride on the IP network these days. PBX's, video conferencing providers, VOIP. Problem is, current networks are not designed for audio and video. Real time conferencing components such as voice and video require significant...
  • Wainhouse Research: Microsoft's Presence-Enabled Real-Time Communications Strategy

    Wainhouse has just released a report on Microsoft's RTC strategy. . Great content covering Microsoft's RTC strategy, challenges and partner ecosystem.