Working for MSFT in the Live Meeting group (web conferencing) I spend alot of time discussing Video Conferencing with customers.  The more I use video conferencing the more I start to question the value of this technology when applying to meetings.  I can understand the importance of seeing a presenter of an executive webcasts, but if they are presenting data its distracting and causes the audience to lose focus.  The better value I see is for the presenter to see the attendees video.  Then they could adapt their presentation based on the audience's expression.  As far as desktop video goes, I lose 30 minutes of productivity preparing for a video conference (comb hair, shave, nice shirt, etc.).  Still pictures that can be staged and re-used are better.  Maybe the better strategy is not to mix video with data conferencing since its too difficult to focus on both.  With the bandwidth expense of video I don't see enterprise adoption happeneing anytime soon.  What's more important: your CEO getting to Seibel to view the sales reports or Johnny IT having a video conference with Billy Sales?  Maybe IP v6 is the answer, until then most should keep the video traffic on dedicated links.