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  • Work life balance – myth or reality for a startup: Cronofy

    As an experienced, second-time entrepreneur and creator of Cronofy, the API for time, Adam Bird, has a few things to say about work-life balance…“I’m more of a doer rather than a thinker”, says Adam about building Cronofy.

  • Machine Learning for the Business Intelligence developer

     Amy (the other half of the data duo in our team) and I have been gate crashing the Data Culture series and other events recently to see who’s interested in Azure Machine Learning (MAML). It turns out that data scientists are pretty comfortable using their own tools and scripts be that in R and Python and while they are interested in MAML they don’t see then need for it.  

  • Unlocking the value of System Center.

    I have just returned from another series of UK IT Camps, this time at our London Headquarters in Victoria. They were well attended and it was a pleasure to meet so many @TechNetUK Twitter followers as well as some old friends, MVP’s and members of the UK Microsoft Technology Community Council.


  • Upcoming Events

     Microsoft official and Community tech events coming your way this February and beyond. 
    Which event are you going to? Let us know via @TechNetUK. 

  • A Brave new SharePoint Hybrid World

     Hi everyone, I have been a Microsoft Infrastructure person since the mid 90’s and in today’s world you hear a lot about ‘moving to the cloud’, Using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and using software as a service (SaaS) such as Microsoft’s Office 365. However for many companies... 

  • Considerations Guide for BYOD

     Really like this “considerations guide” on TechNet. It helps you think about what you, er, need to think about when planning a BYOD Project.

  • Open for business–Data Science at Microsoft

     The word Open in IT is an emotive subject and not a word typically associated with Microsoft. But like a spring thaw under an ice sheet what seems rigid suddenly becomes fluid. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the various data related services that exist on Azure.

  • Visualising Data at Scale with Ubuntu 14.04, Apache Spark and iPython notebook

     Azure has opened up a wealth of possibilities for startups and smaller companies that may have initially struggled with building large scale out technologies. As such, the cloud has become the home of the “transient cluster” which allows customers to spin up a large quantity of compute resource, process some data and spin the cluster down, thus only paying for what you use.

  • An In-depth Look at the IoT Cloud Infrastructure

     When talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), we mean thousands of different sensors deployed in different geographic locations and constantly producing streams of data. This stream needs to be accepted, stored, processed, and visualized to allow mining of valuable knowledge from the input data. 

  • Azure Machine Learning – General Availability

     Today Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (MAML)goes from preview to general availability and it’s also undergone quite a few changes on the way.