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  • FAQ ME! Answering Questions from the Azure AD Core Skills Jumpstart

     Last week I ran the Azure AD Core Skills Jumpstart on Microsoft Virtual Academy and, as always, there were lots of questions from the audience. I thought I’d take all the questions that I could find in the questions queue and dump them to a file and compile and FAQ for you to peruse. Useful if you did or didn’t, get your question answered.

  • Microsoft Azure – Changing the face of certification. (Or why Second Shot is Essential)

     Followers of this blog will know that I am pretty quick to take new certification exams produced by Microsoft. There are several reasons for this ranging from occupational hazard as an MCT to the fact that it is often, in my opinion the best time to take and pass these tests.

    Nothing supports the latter assertion more than the email I received this morning from the Microsoft Azure Team with the title March Azure Newsletter. This contains upwards of 2600 words, of which well over half are dedicated to describing new or updated services.

  • What would you do with Free Training for Life?

     One of the biggest barriers to training and certification is money. So, imagine if money wasn’t a factor. You could get all the training you desired for your chosen career - for the rest of your life - free.

  • Latest Free eBooks

     Last week we announced the release of our newest free eBooks on. We've compiled them here in this article. 

  • Convincing Decision Makers to Adopt Cloud Computing

     Convincing superiors to consider new technologies, like cloud computing, can be an awkward and challenging experience. Most organizations are already rooted in their processes, comfortable with how things are going.

  • Windows Server 2003 End of Support is Coming Soon

     July 14th is the day when the lights go out for Windows Server 2003 (and Windows Server 2003 R2). In less than 114 days’ time from now, Server 2003 will no longer attract bug fixes or patches.

  • Licensing Logic: Select Plus Retirement

     You may have noticed we’re talking past tense here. That’s because Microsoft announced in July 2014, at the Worldwide Partner Conference, that Select Plus would be retired. Let’s examine why and what’s replacing it.

  • In demand Cloud Skills for 2015

     Research from the Cloud Industry Forum suggests cloud computing has now achieved mainstream deployment in the UK. The study claims 78 per cent of UK-based organisations are now utilising at least one cloud-based service.

  • Edge Show: WorkFolders for iPad + exclusive first look at iPhone

     On this weeks Edge Show I talk to Fabian from the WorkFolders team about their iPad client and I get an exclusive first look at the iPhone app too! If you aren’t familiar with work folders, it’s a really nice solution to use your existing...

  • Fusing Cloud and the Internet of Things

     As connecting means, computing power, storage and devices miniaturization become pervasive. The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are rising in value conquering today’s market and engaging both personal sphere and enterprise. The IoT technology positioned itself as the most current trend in the software industry.