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  • Delivering applications with Docker containers

     You may or may not have heard the growing technical buzz around container technology and Docker in particular. Docker is up there at the minute as one of the very hottest trends, it has featured in pretty much every prediction for 2015.

  • Three DevOps Practices to Improve the Development Process

     Application development requires heavy capital investment, and market demand exert pressure on time-to-market. However, there are typical project areas which increase project cost and slow down time-to-market metrics.

  • Second Shot at Microsoft Certification Exams

     With Second Shot, if you don't pass your Microsoft Certification exam on the first try, you get a free retake. So if you're planning to take your Microsoft Certification exam between January 5, 2015 and May 31, 2015 then you can rest assured knowing you’ll have a Second Shot at success. 

  • Upcoming Events

     Microsoft official and Community tech events coming your way this January and beyond. 
    Which event are you going to? Let us know via @TechNetUK. 

  • What is DevOps?

     This is the first in a series of articles exploring the concept of DevOps, its evolution and adoption within the Enterprise, and what you can do to equip yourself in this Brave New DevOps World.

  • SharePoint Workflow: Service Delivery options - Part 4

     Workflow involves the various tasks that employees must complete on a business activity, and these tasks often occur in a specific order. A workflow could be something completely non-technical, such as feeding a horse; however, it usually involves some level of interaction with technology mixed with human activity. 

  • Edge Show 133 – Azure AD SaaS apps and What’s new in Enterprise Mobility + Windows in January?

     In this episode of The Edge Show on Channel 9 I talked about Azure AD SaaS apps integration with Eran Dvir, Senior Program Manager from Microsoft’s Identity team about what Azure AD SaaS app integration can do.

  • I’m on Brad Anderson’s @inthemsftcloud podcast

     Conditional Access to company resources is something I’m especially interested in and you should be too. It gives you the ability to allow only registered devices to access files and email and that gives you (the IT Admin) the control your company requires you to have over data. 

  • Management of Database Systems Research, a précis

     In 2012, it was 50 years since the first functioning prototype of a database management system was built. Since then the management of database systems has significantly evolved. What was a simple management task has become much more complex.

  • Docker Containers in Windows Server vNext

     When i read this news in October 2014 I had to do a double-take, if you are anything like me (i.e. – nearly 50 and somewhat techy) then the word Docker conjures up more than one image. The predominant one in my mind is that of Doc Marten boots affectionately known in my peer group as Dockers.