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  • Azure Data Services for Predictive Analytics

    In my last post I hopefully explained that business intelligence works very well on Azure and with new services like the Azure Data Warehouse and Power BI (Not strictly part of Azure but a Microsoft online service). However while BI is good at showing...
  • Office 365….the journey continues

     The quiet after the storm has come… either you’ve gone big bang and migrated all your mailboxes to Office 365 in one hit, or you’ve slowly but surely moved your mailboxes over to the Microsoft Cloud. Time to make a cup of tea and bask in your awesomeness.

  • Azure Remote App Questions Answered

     The Azure Remote App Jump Start that we ran a few weeks ago generated lots of really great questions just like they always do. As promised here are the questions that we received during the Jump Start answered for your reading pleasure. 

  • SQL Server 2016 confirms Microsoft’s commitment to on-premises data platforms

     SQL Server 2016’s arrival is reassuring news for data platform administrators and developers who worry they’ll get left behind if they can’t adopt Microsoft’s cloud services.

  • Exchange Online migration - Expanding your Exchange to the Cloud

     Cloud is mainstream – and many organizations are taking advantage of the benefits of the evergreen service provided by Office 365 to get on board with the latest version of Exchange. 

  • Business Intelligence and Business Analytics One and the Same

     The business world is no stranger to buzzwords and industry jargon. It takes genuine skill to parse through the fluff to find the meat behind it all. But there are times when words and phrases that sound like buzzwords actually carry deeper meaning. 

  • Azure RemoteApp – the Final Part (3) ….. at last

     And Finally…..

    Not my final post but the final part in my Azure RemoteApp series. First, many apologies for the delay, the day job is getting hectic. I have been evangelizing, demonstrating and using Azure RemoteApp for almost a year now and like most Azure services this one has developed and blossomed into a seriously powerful Enterprise Mobility Tool.

  • Staying in the Pink

     Like a lot of older phrases the original use of “In the Pink”1 has been lost but is associated with being on top form and in good condition. When I apply this term to data I tend to associate with a good friend of mine Allan Mitchell who is one of the MVP’s behind SQL Bits with a penchant for Pink polo shirts.

  • MVA Site has a New Design

     Do you like the look for the new MVA site? If you haven’t heard, the site has had a revamp, now it’s easier to find courses and the site is now more mobile optimized. 

  • The Future is Bright – The Next Chapter

     Microsoft has announced a lot of new product updates over the last 2 months at Build and Ignite and in my keynote at Recoder on the 16th of June I will be doing a whirlwind tour of as many of them as possible.