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  • Azure-ing your future Cloud career

     One of the quickest and most effective ways to advance your career is by learning new in-demand skills. In 2015, those skills predominantly align to cloud technology and more specifically Microsoft Azure. The top 5 skills advertised on the IT Jobs Board for jobs in Azure include Cloud, Agile, Security, Integration and MCSE. 

  • Winning clients’ trust and safeguarding their data

     This is the first article in a series of Customer Tech Stories. Here we find out how one company (BESecureMail) have utilised Azure to provide a scalable, resilient and European Data Directive compliant solution to safeguarding their client' data.

  • Balancing Freedom and Security with new BYOD Devices

     The bring your own device (BYOD) revolution has always been a challenge for business and IT leaders. While the concept of allowing employees to use personal devices for work is relatively simple, managing so many devices can quickly turn into a daunting task that even the savviest leaders find difficult to handle. 

  • Enable Office 365 Built-In MDM (Mobile Device Management)

     Do you have company owned mobile devices or employee-owned mobile devices that receive email? Of course, you do everyone does. Do you have a Mobile Device Management solution that you’re paying lots for but only using little of? 

  • DNS – The key to a successful Office 365 migration

     Whether you are migrating your email system to Office 365 using a Cutover, Staged or Hybrid migration, having the correct DNS configuration is key to performing a successful migration. 

  • Azure Data Services–what are they?

     This might be a recurring theme but worth mentioning again -  Azure continues to change and expand at an alarming rate. On the one hand this is simply scale, for example we now have access to bigger compute resources like the G class virtual machines, ever cheaper storage, and higher and higher limits on what can be done. 

  • Endpoint Zone Episode 7: Office 365 Mobile Device Management

     This week I had the opportunity to catch up with Brad Anderson, CVP Enterprise Client and Mobility at Microsoft, as I usually do to film the Endpoint Zone. 

  • Office Mechanics: Office 2016 for Mac Preview

     Earlier this month Office 2016 for Mac was announced and includes updates to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, as well as Outlook and OneNote. Office 2016 for Mac Preview is integrated with the cloud so your documents can be accessed on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business at anytime, anywhere and on any device.

  • Why is my flight late? A worked example of changing your thinking as new technology arrives

     Many of us have flown and many of us have have been held up by a late flight which is annoying for us , expensive for the airline, and a potential safety issue for air traffic controllers juggling to get aircraft landing slots. 

  • FAQ ME! Answering Questions from the Azure AD Core Skills Jumpstart

     Last week I ran the Azure AD Core Skills Jumpstart on Microsoft Virtual Academy and, as always, there were lots of questions from the audience. I thought I’d take all the questions that I could find in the questions queue and dump them to a file and compile and FAQ for you to peruse. Useful if you did or didn’t, get your question answered.