TechNet UK Blog

  • Windows 10 Internet of Things

     Paul has written a great three part series around Windows IoT which includes the likes of Raspberry Pi 2, Visual Studio 2015 and Blinky. 

  • Office 365 and the Hybrid Cloud

     Cloud, cloud, cloud. The buzzword of a few years ago is becoming reality for many organisations today but there are still some industries and use cases that have significant obstacles to overcome.

  • Upcoming Events

     Microsoft official and Community tech events coming your way this March and beyond. Which event are you going to? Let us know via @TechNetUK.

  • Thinking wider as well as deeper – Maturing an IT professional’s knowledge

     Those familiar with Mastermind, the UK TV quiz show, will know it’s the general knowledge round that makes or breaks a contestant, not their specialist subject. I take the same approach with my career development – it’s great to have a specialist subject but knowing about the environment I use it in is just as important.

  • Learn, Learn and Once Again, Learn!

     The most distinctive peculiarity of the IT-related professions is a necessity to constantly learn. Fundamental knowledge is not enough: expertise in modern trends and hands-on experience are a must.

  • Learn at Work with the TechDays Online Azure Special

     As part of Learning at Work Week this week, we have and will be continuing to share lots of great learning resources to help you be successful with your learning. To continue this we want to highlight a great free online event which you may be interested in attending to help you get trained in Microsoft's open cloud solution.

  • Continuous Learning is Key to Progressing

     Continuous learning is the key to progressing within any industry and this is truer than ever within the technology industry.

  • Upcoming Jump Start: Azure RMS Core Skills

     Protecting your organizations data is something that should be top-of-mind for every IT person out there. It’s not something that is just the job of the CSO or the folks in the security team, but if you are in that team it is absolutely something...

  • IT Pro Continued Professional Development

     For at least 10 days per annum we should all be taking time out, away from our day jobs to do this just as other professionals do and possibly more as the world we work in is undergoing more change than in other fields. 

  • Learning at Work Week

     We know as well as you do that continuous learning is essential for any IT Pro or Developer to climb the career ladder, or even keep up to date in an existing role! That's why when we heard about “Learning at Work Week”, we couldn't help but jump at the opportunity to share with you some top learning resources from the Microsoft world and beyond.