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  • Don’t be a turkey

     It’s not great being a turkey, pheasant or grouse at Christmas, but my Christmas sketch this year isn’t too worried as he’s a protected and valued Capercaillie. In the same  same way the cloud first world might not seem like a great time to be an IT Professional but there are certain species who are similarly valued and for whom 2015 is pretty exciting. 

  • SharePoint Workflow: Service Delivery options - Part 2

     In SharePoint 2003, there was no workflow platform. This changed when SharePoint 2007 came onto the horizon, with the addition of the Windows Workflow Foundation platform. This is a development platform that allows the provisioned workflow templates in SharePoint to be extended and customized. 

  • Keynote Mary Jo Foley Confirmed at TechDays Online

     Tech Days Online is back for it's fourth year! This three day conference is geared towards IT Pros and developers who want to get the scoop on Microsoft’s cloud-first, mobile-first products and platforms. It kicks off on the 3rd February, so be sure to add it to your calendar.

  • UK IT Camps – Enterprise Mobility – Sign up now.

     Life during my first year at Microsoft has been almost exactly as I imagined it might be, but as I always do at Christmas I reflected on the year past and particularly this year on my first 9 months as a Microsoft Employee. Whilst doing so I remembered exactly what prompted me to sign up to this fun ride.

  • Bringing Predictability to Cloud Server Storage

     In theory, the logic behind cloud computing seems undeniable: lots of data-center servers providing lots of computing power and storage to lots of customers. It’s the beauty of scale: Everybody wins—right?

  • Mobile Technology - Making Xmas Better

     Everyone knows that Mobile Technology is making everyone’s lives easier. But have you ever considered how it can make or break Xmas – especially for Children and Santa Clause.

  • Nominate your Technology Christmas Star and they could win a Surface Pro 3

    These days we usually treat Boxing Day as “Christmas Part 2” – you eat some leftovers, watch some telly and maybe play with that new techy toy you got for Christmas. But once upon a time, Boxing Day had an identity all its own. Boxing Day was a day for giving back. It was a day when the wealthy would give to the poor using special alms boxes.

  • Port, Pies and SharePoint Support 2014

     The Christmas period is of course where your SharePoint sponsors are more likely to show a little more concern than normal about how their SharePoint platforms are going to be monitored over the period.

  • How to train your MAML–Redux

     Since I wrote this series we have taken on two computer science graduates in the evangelism team in the UK, Amy Nicholson and Bianca Furtuna. Both studied machine learning as part of their courses so I introduced them to this series on Azure ML to get them up to speed.

  • What every IT Pro wants for Christmas.

     IT Pros are, as a rule, rather fond of free stuff (known in the industry as SWAG) they are also fond of Gadgets (known in the industry as Gadgets) but above all IT Pros are fond of peace and quiet, being left alone by management and users alike to get on with more important stuff