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  • Five Ways You Can Become an Enterprise Data Hero

     In this blog, I’ll share five tips for elevating your status to data hero. These will help you remove bottlenecks caused by delayed projects, kick-start new projects that can add real value to the business, and make your data sing!

  • Building Identity Solutions for today’s environments – Part 1 of 4

     For many years we have been providing identity solutions that meet the needs of managing authentication and authorization within our own secure boundaries. The user’s identity, services and applications are all contained within the same boundary; probably all members of a Microsoft Active Directory.

  • ITAR - An Office365 Dedicated Support Plan

     Whilst these features are crucial to ensuring a resilient platform that gives visibility of status, it is important to recognise that there is another support plan which addresses data compliance for Office365 (Enterprise Version). 

  • Updated: What did I miss at BUILD 2015? A Summary of Announcements

     It's been a pretty busy 24 hours for our colleagues over in the US! If fact, they've made so many announcements that we'll forgive you if you're having trouble digesting them all along with your morning coffee. That's where this article comes in; we've searched far and wide to gather together all the latest information coming out of San Francisco and compile it in one easy to read blog. 

  • How to get the skills you need for a modern IT universe

     Office 365 provides businesses with software as a service solution for mail, collaboration and instant messaging, Azure provides Infrastructure as a Service facilities to businesses with virtual machine offerings, VPN connections so you can start to move your Active Directory services to the cloud for instance.

  • Upcoming Events

     Microsoft official and Community tech events coming your way this May and beyond. 
    Which event are you going to? Let us know via @TechNetUK. 

  • Cloud Security – What you Need to Know

     Not to be facepalmed as a victim of “4$ mill on Intrusion Detection System – Employee puts customer data on Dropbox” fail, make sure your Cloud comes hand in hand with Security.

  • Azure-ing your future Cloud career

     One of the quickest and most effective ways to advance your career is by learning new in-demand skills. In 2015, those skills predominantly align to cloud technology and more specifically Microsoft Azure. The top 5 skills advertised on the IT Jobs Board for jobs in Azure include Cloud, Agile, Security, Integration and MCSE. 

  • Winning clients’ trust and safeguarding their data

     This is the first article in a series of Customer Tech Stories. Here we find out how one company (BESecureMail) have utilised Azure to provide a scalable, resilient and European Data Directive compliant solution to safeguarding their client' data.

  • FAQ ME! Microsoft Intune Jump Start FAQ!

     Last week I ran the Microsoft Intune Core Skills Jump Start and as promised multiple times during the event here’s the questions, and the answers to those questions, that folks on the Jump Start asked...