How tidy is your physical environment? Have you any cabling left lying around or temporarily put in place which has now become 'live'?

Being the curious cat's we are, we thought it would be fun to see a few photo's of your server rooms. Chaos or Clean? To find out we have decided to run a monthly competition, kicking off this month we want to see just how chaotic or well maintained our readers keep their server cabinets.  

Prize ‘bundles’ (bundles I hear you say… yes bundles) awarded to both – ‘Tidy’ and ‘Untidy’ server cabinets each month. 

 Type 2 - Super Server Sammy 

  So are you a ‘Super Server Sammy’?



Type 1 - Chaotic Cabled Colin



  Or are you a ‘Chaotic Cabled Colin’?




Enter via:


1. Like the TechNetUK Facebook page.

2. Upload your server cabinet housekeeping image to the TechNetUK Facebook page wall, using the hashtag -  #TechNetTidy


1. Follow the TechNetUK Twitter page.

2. Tweet your server cabinet housekeeping image to @TechNetUk, using the hashtag - #TechNetTidy

Find full competition terms and conditions here.




  - The tidiest entry of the month will win a branded ‘TechNet UK’ cup as well as a winning competition t-shirt (as seen sported here).

  - The untidiest entry of the month will win a ‘booby’ prize (which will help you clean up your technical act), as well as a competition t-shirt.



Winning entries will be determined by the TechNet team and at least one independent judge on the 23rd September 2013. Judging will be based on:

- Originality and Compliance with theme - think outside the box!

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for entries, good luck to all!