The Public Cloud track of TechDays online has now finished, which means the competition for the LG HT762TZ 5.1 DVD home cinema system is open!

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In each webcast in the desktop stream, the presenter gave out a bitly link in their presentation which points to a specific page. To enter the competition you need to know which page the bitly link sent you to. Once you have collated all five answers of the pages you landed on after following the links, simply enter them into the form below. Click here for the prize terms and conditions.

What is Hyper-V cloud?
What page do you get to?

a) Private Cloud Solutions
b) Introducing Windows Azure white paper
c) Security guidelines for Windows Azure

Security integration with the cloud using ADFS
What page do you get to?

a) ADFS concepts
b) ADFS Resources
c) ADFS How to

Managing the cloud
What page do you get to?

a) How to Manage Server Costs with Windows Azure
b) Editor’s Note: Managing for the Future with System Center’s Datacenter-to-Cloud
c) Windows Azure Queue: Get the best performance

Office 365 for IT Pro
What page do you get to?

a) What is Office 365?
b) Office 365 FAQ
c) Microsoft Office 365 blog

Governance risk and compliance in the cloud
What page do you get to?

a) MOF overview
b) Governance, Risk, and Compliance Service Management Function
c) IT Compliance Management Series