About TechNet UK

About TechNet UK

About TechNet UK


Welcome to the TechNet UK blog. If you've landed here you're probably wondering who we are and what we do, so let me explain.


TechNet UK is the Microsoft resource for IT professionals, and here in the UK the TechNet blog brings you all the latest technical Microsoft news, downloads, tips, tricks and just about anything else that might help make your job a bit easier. We also like to have a bit of fun now and again, simply because life's awfully dull without it.


There's only one thing we love more than talking to you, and that's you talking to us. Please tell us what you like, what you don't like and what you think we should be doing to make your TechNet blog great. Our friendly team occupies a cosy corner here at Microsoft - we are real people with a real passion for helping you get the most out of your relationship with Microsoft.


So now you know what we do, all that remains is for us to tell you who we are and (if you really want to know) what we look like... 



Left to right:

Ed Baker – IT Professional Evangelist (specialising in infrastructure)

Hazel Izzard – DX Events

Andrew Fryer - IT Professional Evangelist (specialising in data in the cloud)

Susan Smith – IT Professional Evangelist (specialising in DevOps) 

Charlotte Utting – IT Pro Editorial and Content Lead (FY15)

Harry Eagles – ITI Editor

Alex Guy - Social Media Community Manager 


Connect with us above or reach out to the team via @TechNetUK. Enjoy the blog and please do contact us with your suggestions and ideas.