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  • Blog Post: Networking considerations for CS “14”

      I attended a great session from TechEd on Network Considerations given by Neil Deason. In it he discussed Audio, Video, and Application Sharing within CS14. When looking at audio traffic it’s important to review network conditions, acceptability quality of the call as well as optimal quality....
  • Blog Post: R2 Edge: What do I need from a Network perspective?

    This was a question from a national vocational university. They wanted to know if they needed multiple NICs/VLANs and a Perimeter for OCS R2 Edge since they didn’t have one already. One or two NICS? The answer is two NICs are now required for OCS R2 Edge where you could get away with a single NIC...
  • Blog Post: Right Sizing your Network for OCS R2

    In order to understand bandwidth requirements for OCS it’s important to first model expected usage and right provisioning the network. You will also have to manage usage and grow in line with your business needs. Bottom line – Measure Well!!   Bandwidth Requirements OCS uses both RTAudio narrowband...