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  • Blog Post: Update for Communicator for Mac 2011 13.1.2 just released

    This fixes some hangs and other issues. Grab it here.
  • Blog Post: Can I make native voice calls through OCS on a Mac or non-PC platforms?

    I get asked this quite a bit from schools as they want the ability to place/receive voice calls on the Mac or Linux using OCS R2. The answer is yes if you leverage the SmartSip technology from our partner Evangelyze. You can make and receive voice calls natively on the Mac using a SIP softphone of your...
  • Blog Post: Working with the Mac

    I’ve spent the last few days working on a Mac and setting up Entourage with Exchange Web Services. This is still in beta but I am very impressed with how clean the experience is esp. considering the old method was WebDAV. After downloading the beta bits I installed on a macbook with Mac OS X 10.5.6....
  • Blog Post: What is the Mac story on OCS?

    This was a question from a Northeastern school district:   Mac Messenger 7.0 Mac Messenger 7.0 is available for a Mac user to login into either Windows Live (MSN) or OCS 2007:                    Login to either...
  • Blog Post: What is the Mac experience with Exchange Online?

    I have had a lot of interest in Education lately around our Exchange Online offering for faculty and staff. The trend in education is email is becoming a commodity and there is no need to manage that infrastructure on premises any longer. The other big driver to Exchange Online is reducing costs and...