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  • Blog Post: Site Resiliency for Exchange 2007

    This topic has come up twice in the same week. Quite a hot topic. We’ve talked about CCR and SCR in the past this topic will focus on options for site resiliency. This is where we have a primary and secondary center. The first item to understand is what type of recovery datacenter configuration do we...
  • Blog Post: Outbound Filtering

    One of my customers needed a way to scan outgoing mail by using the content filtering anti-spam agent. By default this agent does not work on trusted connections, therefore all emails sent from your Hub server to your Edge Transport server using the Internal Send Connector would not be scanned. The solution...
  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging whitepaper

    There is nicely written whitepaper to help you troubleshoot and understand how Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging works. I pasted in a few whitepaper highlights below:   Exchange UM architecture: Shows a nice breakdown of the UM services and worker processes and what they do and how they talk.  ...