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How do I get from OCS RTM (R1) to OCS R2?

How do I get from OCS RTM (R1) to OCS R2?

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Do I have to migrate server or client to R2 first?

Migrate the servers first and then clients. The preferred server option is called a side by side migration. More on that below.


What server options do I have to migrate to R2?

You have two options:

Option 1

The first option is the preferred option called a side by side migration which provides the least amount of downtime but requires additional hardware.

Option 2

The second option is where you export data, tear down production, and then rebuild R2 on the same hardware if it is 64-bit capable. The final step is to re-import the user data. This saves money on hardware but requires downtime to make the switch.

Side by side migration

For a side by side migration, the recommended approach is called an inside out migration since you internal components first and then you migrate Edge roles. The steps are as follows:

  • Create a unique SQL instance for R2 (due to R2 db schema updates)
  • Deploy R2 pool in same domain as other R1/LCS pool - need new pool FQDN and side by side 64-bit hardware
  • Use R2 move user wizard to move to new pool

Note1: R2 users can continue to use R1 director and R1 Edge roles

Note2: You can move back to R1 from the R2 pool if needed

  • Move other server components to R2, Edge, etc.
  • Turn down/Reprovision R1/LCS hw as needed
  • Migrate Communicator clients and LiveMeeting clients to R2

How do you move LCS 2005?

You can move LCS 2005 SP1 users as well to an R2 pool – Note: Don't enable enhanced presence to still use LCS client - if you want to use enhanced presence upgrade client

What if users are logged into LCS or R1?

This is okay as users will be re-logged in after they are moved.


Export data migration

This is the second choice in R2 migration options but if HW is limited, etc this may be an alternative:

  • Export data using the DBimpExp.exe to export buddy list data
  • Tear down R1 and Deploy R2 on same HW
  • Re-import buddy list


In the next post, Greg will post about how to migrate Edge, CWA, and Mediation servers to R2.

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