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    Posted by Jacqueline Beauchere , director, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft Microsoft and others in the technology industry have long maintained that helping to keep individuals and families safer online is a “shared responsibility” – among industry, government, law enforcement,...
  • Blog Post: Global Exchange of Cyber Security Ideas and Knowledge at RSA Europe

    Posted by Richard Saunders , director, Trustworthy Computing Last week I was in London for RSA Europe . As ever, there was a rich exchange of opinion on security best practices and solutions reinforcing, if ever we could forget, cyber security as a topic with universal relevance. In his opening keynote...
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    By Jacqueline Beauchere, Chief Online Safety Officer, Microsoft National Cyber Security Alliance Board of Directors Vice Chair Today, the phrase “cyber security” prompts conversations at both the kitchen table and the boardroom table. That’s noticeable progress, considering it’s...