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December, 2013

  • Translating “Geek Speak” into “Executive Speak”

    By Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Trustworthy Computing

    For business leaders, it has never been more important to have a regular, open dialogue about security with IT staff.

    And yet,  many IT professionals are struggling to connect with their executive leaders about the need to build effective security controls to keep pace with business innovation. It’s a theme that I heard again in conversations with industry pros at the Cloud Security Alliance Congress in Orlando, Florida, earlier this month.   More >>

  • The Future of Privacy Models and Legislative Frameworks

    By Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer

    In our data-rich world, there’s mounting concern that today’s privacy models and legislative frameworks are less effective in terms of protecting people’s privacy than when they were developed. It’s time to evolve our collective thinking about how societies can protect the privacy of individuals while providing for responsible, beneficial data use.    More >>

  • Lieberman Software’s Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solution now available on Windows Azure

    By Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Trustworthy Computing

    One of the things I enjoyed most about the CSA Congress was spending time with people in and around the technology industry and the cloud computing sector.  One of the presenters at this year’s congress, held the first week of December in Orlando, Florida, was Philip Lieberman, President of Lieberman Software, a provider of identity management and security products and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

    During his plenary address, Philip announced that Lieberman Software’s privileged identity management (PIM) solution, Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM), is now available on Windows Azure.  Later I enjoyed spending time with Philip one to one, learning more about this solution and his business.  More >>

  • Genetec broadens its business with Microsoft cloud

    By Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Trustworthy Computing

    Today at the CSA Congress, I had the opportunity to give a presentation on how organizations can benefit from cloud computing and some of the ways Microsoft is working to build trust in the cloud. We know that cloud providers can help improve security and reliability for their customers, while giving them more time to focus on running their own businesses.

    I also talked about some of Microsoft’s customers that see cloud services as an important strategic asset that helps grow their businesses and deliver more value to their own customers. One of those companies is Genetec, which provides Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance and other security services in over 80 countries.  See more >>

  • Enabling trust in the cloud

    By Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Trustworthy Computing

    More and more businesses are considering adopting cloud computing, drawn by the huge savings and benefits the cloud can provide. But are they truly ready, and able to take advantage of this opportunity?

    It’s clear that cloud computing can deliver significant value to organizations. But, as you examine your options for building the cloud into your organization’s future, it’s important to assess your readiness to make the move.

    See more >>