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August, 2013

  • MAPP Partnership Expansion to Boost Threat Response

    By Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Trustworthy Computing

    Fighting security threats is a never-ending job. And Microsoft can’t do it alone.

    One of our most successful partnership efforts is the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP), through which we share threat information with security vendors ahead of our regular monthly security updates.

    Recently, the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) announced that MAPP would be expanded, adding more partners and giving our top collaborators even more time to create more comprehensive, higher-quality protections. 

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  • Windows Azure Receives Important SOC 2 and CCM Security Attestations

    Windows Azure receives important SOC 2 and CCM security attestations

     By Tim Rains, Director, Trustworthy Computing

    The Cloud Security Alliance’s Security Trust and Assurance Registry, or CSA STAR, provides existing and potential customers with insight into how cloud providers – Microsoft and others – are managing the security controls of their services.  And at Microsoft, we believe it’s a great tool for businesses considering a move to the cloud as it gives them the visibility and transparency they are looking for to make informed decisions.

    We submitted a CSA STAR self-assessment for Windows Azure last March. And in April, three major Microsoft cloud services had self-assessments in the CSA STAR.  Today, we took that one step further in getting the self-assessment for Windows Azure verified via a third party.

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  • Back-to-School More Safely with Bing

    By Jacqueline Beauchere, Chief Online Safety Officer, Microsoft

    The Internet is an extraordinary tool for enabling children to learn and explore the world around them.  Many parents and educators recognize that “digital literacy” is a prerequisite to helping students excel in today’s digital world.  That’s why I want to help spread the word about a new Microsoft initiative, Bing for Schools, to help teach these essential online skills. 

    Bing For Schools offers the option to tailor the Bing experience by removing advertisements from search results, enhancing privacy protections, filtering adult content, and adding specialized learning features that help develop positive online behaviors.

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  • Still Running Windows XP? Upgrade Now to Reduce Security Risks

    Still Running Windows XP? Upgrade Now to Reduce Security Risks

    Posted by Adrienne Hall, general manager, Trustworthy Computing

    As of April 8, 2014, customers and partners will no longer receive security updates for Windows XP, or get Microsoft tech support for Windows XP.

    Without security updates, a PC running Windows XP will become more vulnerable to viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.  If your business is currently running Windows XP, now is the time to consider upgrading to a modern operating system.

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  • Online Safety—At Work and at Home

    By Kim Sanchez, director, Trustworthy Computing

    The idea of sharing our work experiences with our kids gained a lot of momentum when the Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation was launched 20 years ago. This group's annual event provides an opportunity for millions of children to learn about what their parent, guardian, or mentor may do, see where they work, and discover possibilities about their future

    For me, this event was a good reminder that Online Safety isn’t just about families. The strategies for protecting your home PC and your children are not all that different from protecting your employees and your business or workplace.

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  • Building Resilient Cloud Services at Microsoft

    Building Resilient Cloud Services at Microsoft

    By Adrienne Hall, general manager, Trustworthy Computing

    How can cloud service providers make sure their services are resilient and reliable? A resilient service should be able to withstand certain issues, remaining fully-functional and therefore being perceived as reliable. But cloud service providers operate in a complex ecosystem, constantly being challenged by reliability-related threats.

    This month Asia Futures magazine published an article based on an interview with my colleague David Bills, Microsoft's chief reliability strategist. In the article, David talks about why resilience is important and provides insight into some of the techniques that can be used to achieve it.

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  • Building a Secure Cloud

    Building a Secure Cloud

    Posted by Adrienne Hall, general manager, Trustworthy Computing

    Can we build a truly secure cloud? It’s a challenging goal, and the topic of a panel discussion on which I’ll be participating during GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference in September. Security is an important consideration for organizations looking to tap the cloud’s cost savings, flexibility and scalability. People want to know if the cloud vendor they choose can keep their data secure and readily available, while effectively managing any unexpected events.