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September, 2011

  • Video: Microsoft CISO Perspective on Cloud Security

    Posted by Richard Saunders

    Over the past 25 years there have been a number of major transitions that have changed everything when it comes to IT. Today, it’s the cloud.

    Microsoft’s chief information security officer, Bret Arsenault, has been around for it all. While Bret is a leader at Microsoft, he shares a familiar perspective with Microsoft’s customers in managing risk across line-of-business applications and IT.

    Bret says one thing has remained constant as the IT world has evolved: the need for information security. Regardless of the IT model du jour, companies still must ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in order to do business.

  • Video: Cloud Trust at 10,000 Feet

    Posted by Richard Saunders

    For anyone who wants a primer on the security, privacy and reliability issues involved in the move to cloud computing, this video featuring Doug Cavit, principal security program manager and chief security strategist at Microsoft, is worth a watch.

  • Scott Charney at RSA 2011: Collective Defense and the Trusted Stack

    Posted by Richard Saunders

    At the RSA 2011 conference in San Francisco, Microsoft Corporate VP Scott Charney discussed the concept of collective defense, in which the entire ecosystem of the Internet is secured under common standards — from servers, through the network, to applications, data and ultimately, people. This concept, of course, has profound implications for the cloud.

    In his speech, Scott compares emerging online threats such as cybercrime and information espionage to epidemiology and the outbreak of human health problems such as the H1N1 virus.

  • Video: The Cloud on Your Terms With Chris Caposella

    Posted by Richard Saunders

    Let’s face it. The cloud is still new, and new can feel scary. If you are one of the myriad CIOs and technology professionals with more questions than answers, this video from Microsoft SVP Chris Caposella is a great introduction.

  • Balancing Risk and Potential in Considering the Cloud

    Posted by Adrienne Hall

    Years ago I was a part of a team in Microsoft that did a lot of work in the hospitality sector. At that time hotels were Internet-enabling their chains and the business decision they had to make was whether to invest in big TVs or more of a laptop and power desk arrangement. And it was a big decision affecting entire remodel and refurbishment plans for years to come. Some companies made a choice and picked one over the other.  Others created a hybrid approach, experimenting with both the TV and desk accoutrements to gauge guest interest over a defined period of time before making a final commitment.

  • A New Dialogue on Trust in Technology

    Posted by Adrienne Hall

    “When organizations evaluate a technology and determine whether or not they trust it, what core factors are they considering?” Nearly ten years ago, a group of people at Microsoft discussed this question as they worked with a small set of customers to unearth the answer. The result was the Trustworthy Computing whitepaper, and the creation of Trustworthy Computing (TwC) in 2002 as a company initiative, and later a company tenet. Tasked with building new approaches to creating and delivering secure, private and reliable computing experiences for everyone, at the time the new mandate of TwC gave us an actionable way to bring together work that was already occurring across the company, yet apply even more systemic focus. Now, almost ten years later, we’re encouraged by the continued focus both inside and outside Microsoft. Yet, our work and that of the IT industry at large is far from over; many challenges and opportunities lay ahead.

  • Video: A Chance to Gauge Cloud Sentiment

    Posted by: Richard Saunders

    My work with Microsoft takes me all kinds of interesting places, but this month I get to do more “pond hopping” than usual. I’ll be attending the Interop New York conference starting October 3 and the RSA Europe conference in London starting October 11. I’m particularly excited to meet with customers and industry representatives to gauge the pulse of the cloud.

  • Building Secure Cloud Apps

    Posted by Adrienne Hall

    Judging by the feedback from this month’s BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, excitement is growing for the next wave of Microsoft technology. In “Windows 8,” “Windows Server 8” and the Azure Toolkit for “Windows 8,” Microsoft is showing a strong commitment to generating solutions that enable customers to thrive in cloud environments.