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Once requiring large infrastructure investments, risk-management, business continuity and technology updates can now be offloaded to cloud services

Over the past 25 years there have been a number of major transitions that have changed everything when it comes to IT. Today, it’s the cloud.

Microsoft’s chief information security officer, Bret Arsenault, has been around for it all. While Bret is a leader at Microsoft, he shares a familiar perspective with Microsoft’s customers in managing risk across line-of-business applications and IT.

Bret says one thing has remained constant as the IT world has evolved: the need for information security. Regardless of the IT model du jour, companies still must ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in order to do business.

Get Bret’s perspective on how the cloud changes the equation for IT teams:

What takes a mindset adjustment is the notion that with the cloud, operational elements such as servers and hardware are moved out of the company’s purview. That doesn’t mean operational upkeep stops happening, however. Updating applications and servers occurs automatically with cloud computing. Business continuity and disaster recovery can be built into the cloud services agreement rather than requiring a large investment in network and storage space.

In other words, cloud services take care of much of the work that companies formerly had to do themselves.