June, 2010

  • Video: Dan Reed and the Concept of Privacy and Security in the Cloud

    Posted by Richard Saunders

    In the physical world, if a user leaves her laptop at home under lock and key, laws clearly protect the privacy of that asset while she’s away.

    When it comes to protecting virtual assets in an electronic world, however, society is still sorting things out.

  • Video: Cloud Trust at 10,000 Feet

    Posted by Richard Saunders

    For anyone who wants a primer on the security, privacy and reliability issues involved in the move to cloud computing, this video featuring Doug Cavit, principal security program manager and chief security strategist at Microsoft, is worth a watch.

  • Scott Charney at RSA 2011: Collective Defense and the Trusted Stack

    Posted by Richard Saunders

    At the RSA 2011 conference in San Francisco, Microsoft Corporate VP Scott Charney discussed the concept of collective defense, in which the entire ecosystem of the Internet is secured under common standards — from servers, through the network, to applications, data and ultimately, people. This concept, of course, has profound implications for the cloud.

    In his speech, Scott compares emerging online threats such as cybercrime and information espionage to epidemiology and the outbreak of human health problems such as the H1N1 virus.

  • Video: Microsoft CISO Perspective on Cloud Security

    Posted by Trusted Cloud

    Over the past 25 years there have been a number of major transitions that have changed everything when it comes to IT. Today, it’s the cloud.

    Microsoft’s chief information security officer, Bret Arsenault, has been around for it all. While Bret is a leader at Microsoft, he shares a familiar perspective with Microsoft’s customers in managing risk across line-of-business applications and IT.

    Bret says one thing has remained constant as the IT world has evolved: the need for information security. Regardless of the IT model du jour, companies still must ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in order to do business.

  • Video: The Cloud on Your Terms With Chris Caposella

    Posted by Trusted Cloud

    Let’s face it. The cloud is still new, and new can feel scary. If you are one of the myriad CIOs and technology professionals with more questions than answers, this video from Microsoft SVP Chris Caposella is a great introduction.

  • Video: Security GM Discusses How to Protect Cloud Computing Assets

    Posted by Richard Saunders

    With the unique value it provides in lowering IT system costs, cloud computing is a new wave of technology that no one can stop. One way Microsoft can help customers catch the cloud wave is by supporting a common language about trust and security capabilities.

    To this end, Microsoft centers its approach on standards and transparency. ISO standards drive transparency with customers about what we do, how we do it, and with third-party verification along the way.