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September, 2011

  • September 2011 - Technical Rollup Mail - Platforms

    News Windows 8 Blog | Building Windows 8 Build 13 September - 16 September BUILD is a new event that shows modern hardware and software developers how to take advantage of the future of Windows. Learn how to work with the all new...
  • September 2011 - Technical Rollup Mail–SQL

    News Microsoft Aligning With ODBC Microsoft’s Commitment to Interoperability
  • September 2011 - Technical Rollup Mail - Unified Communications

    News Premier OpsVault — Operate and Optimize IT Microsoft Premier Support UK - Site Home - TechNet Blogs Antigen & Forefront
  • September 2011 - Technical Rollup Mail–Security

    News What is Security Science? Explore the proactive work that Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing group is conducting to help provide more secure, private, and reliable computing experiences for...
  • September 2011 - Technical Rollup Mail -Internet: SharePoint & IIS

    News SharePoint Technologies SharePoint Online Learning Materials for IT Professionals Are you an IT Professional looking to learn more about how SharePoint Online can help supplement your on-premise SharePoint 2010 Products deployment? We’ve recently...
  • September 2011 - Technical Rollup Mail - Manageability

    News System Center 2012 Beta Software Available System Center 2012 cloud and datacenter management solutions empower you with a common management toolset for your private and public cloud applications and services. They help you to deliver private cloud...