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So terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

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  • Blog Post: Blog Comment Policy

    I'm in favour of open comments on my blog. Usually, I receive "real" comments outweighing the spam by about 10 to 1, which I can deal with. I'm leaving automatic moderation disabled for the time being, but I'll "moderate" comments that... Don't relate to the subject matter of the post Are obviously comment...
  • Blog Post: About Me, About This Blog

    It's pronounced "try-stank". I'm Tristan Kington, a Premier Field Engineer covering Security, PKI, Forefront Threat Management Gateway and ISA Server, with some networky stuff thrown in, and IIS. And some development bits. And some random Windows stuff. I co-maintain (slash work as code monkey on...
  • Blog Post: Use of Asterisks in this Blog

    When I'm either being ironic or outright lying, I'll usually include an unattributed asterisk to make it obvious, in much the same way advertisers do. Except they're supposed to include fine print, whereas I'm not. For example: I like pizza. - is true. I like being beaten at chess*. - is false...